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“The Story of a Salesman” Opera for (soprano,) baritone and piano (1992)

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[Plot – Original text in Japanese: Tsuyoshi Futakuchi]
Scene 1: Ambition of a man who came to a big city – Imagination of having a date – Success in door-to-door sales
Scene 2: His desire for success in life – In a fashionable nightclub
Scene 3: Anxiety for the hustle and bustle of daily life – He rebukes his subordinate. – A call from his former girlfriend in his hometown – After talking, he breaks with the past.
Scene 4: Nostalgic dream – Fatigue – Failure – His subordinate disappears.
Scene 5: Calling for his former girlfriend, he gets to know that his hometown is developing, and that she will marry another man. – Conflict (pantomime) – A call from his subordinate who survived

Premiered on Wednesday 29th April 1992 at Kunteki-Jinja, Kochi Prefecture.
By: Kazutaka Shibamura, Bar. / Yuri Sunai, Pf. / Satoru Ikeda, Syn.
Duration: 40 min.


Scene 1 [6:45] mp3
Scene 2 [4:41] mp3
Scene 3 [7:33] mp3
Scene 4 [7:27] mp3
Scene 5 [7:12] mp3