Sequential melodic fragments for synthesizer (1982-1986)

In Program Notes on May 20, 2013 at 3:22 pm

I produced these pieces for a change of pace during the five years between my senior year in Shizuoka University in 1982 and the end of my stay at the Graduate School of the Tokyo University of the Arts in 1986.
The pieces are named “Sources of Avant-Garde.” They’re simple samples of sequential music that I recorded with several instruments playing simultaneously. The goal was not to compose completed pieces but, rather, to feature the raw sound of the synthesizer.
For most of the pieces, first, I created the rhythm section with the use of a rhythmbox.
Then, I played from the heart while listening to the rhythm.
I recently took the opportunity to convert the recordings into MP3 format, and reorganized the 25 audio files—including previously unpublished pieces—into seven medleys.

1) Crows Flew to Me [7:15] mp3 Just a moment
2) Shamisen-Marimba-Koto [6:28] mp3 Just a moment
3) Dropping [5:43] mp3 Just a moment
4) Haste-ism [3:39] mp3 Just a moment
5) Miaou [4:05] mp3 Just a moment
6) Animé-Shakuhachi [4:25] mp3 Just a moment
7) Möbius Strip [7:06] mp3 Just a moment


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