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“L’Eau de Belle Forêt” Operetta (1996)

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[Plot – Original text in Japanese: Hiromitsu Tsuchiya]
Act 1: In a forest, animals are frolicking around a large ginkgo tree spirit. The bell of a shrine rings, and many ginkgo nuts fall down. A boy, Yokichi, comes seeking a golden snake living in the pond, but he is taken into custody by a feudal lord and his followers. Yokichi gets away, finds the snake, then chops it for its blood. It causes the pond to run dry, and a storm develops in the forest.

Act 2: In the drought-stricken forest, animals look for water to survive. Yokichi regrets his actions, swears to band with the animals and all of them dance for joy. At that very moment, the followers of the feudal lord fire a shot, and the forest bursts into flames… The fire is put out. Stars twinkle in the night sky. At dawn, Yokichi and the animals pray to the ginkgo tree spirit to revive the forest.

Premiered on Sunday 15th, December 1996 at the opening of Nagaizumi Cultural Center, Shizuoka Prefecture.
By Nagaizumi Children Chorus (Choir director: Mitsuyo Shinoda) / Chamber orchestra (1Fl. 1Cl. 3Tp. 4Hr. 1Vn. / 1Pf: Hajime Ozawa)
Conducted by Satoru Ikeda.
Commissioned by Nagaizumi-cho
Duration: 60 min.


The excerpts from the rehearsal
Act-1 [6:05] mp3
Act-2 [12:01] mp3
Epilogue [2:10] mp3