Solitude – Oscar V de L Milosz (1877-1939)

In Text on January 3, 2013 at 5:16 am

I woke under the azure of emptiness
Amidst the immense midday of melancholy.
The nettle on the crumbling walls drinks the sun of the dead.

Whither have you led me, blind Mother, oh my life ?
To whate’er memory’s hell where the grass thinks,
Where the ocean of time seeks warily its shores ?

Precipice’s echo, call for me ! Madness,
Dip your yellow flowers in the spring whence I drink,
But let the bygone days break loose from me !

You who created me, you who minted me,
You upon whom rushes the aloe, heart of the abyss,
Father ! will I find peace at your bruised feet ?

La_mer (Translated by © H. Gouveia)


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