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‘Psalm’ for alto saxophone and piano (2011)

In Program Notes on October 31, 2011 at 4:04 pm

Analyzing a picture taken by a gigantic astronomical telescope, far beyond a twinkling star, man can recognize not only the past shape, but also the original shape of the star.
The faraway light is the past light. The further it is past, the more it darkens.
The twinkling light is the evolved shape that is closer to the present.

I transposed this principle to the sound.
The simple initial motive which was exposed pianissimo complicates itself little by little increasing its quantity.

music.png Music of e-book with complete audio file

Musica de Esperanza; The 4th Exhibition of Contemporary Music

In Past Events on October 1, 2011 at 3:00 am

The 4th Exhibition of Contemporary Music
for the retirement of Hiroshi Otsuki
Organization; Musica de Esperanza

Saturday 5th November 2011
Ezaki Hall

The programme includes
‘Psalm’ for alto saxophone and piano
Miki Hiraga: alto saxophone
Satoru Ikeda: piano