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Six Canons (2010)

In Program Notes on April 1, 2011 at 2:38 am

It was during spring vacation after my first year at Shizuoka University when I discovered Sweelinck’s music. As I was working as a temporary manual laborer for about forty days in order to buy a multi-track recorder for my synthesizer, I’ve heard the music on the FM radio that I have been listening to for waking up every morning. At the beginning of those days I went out working under rigid routine rules, the music showed me out purely and warmly.

Then thirty years later last year, I gave a task to one of my pupils in composition class to make six canons and I also composed them for an example. In these works there might have been an influence of Sweelinck. After the catastrophic consequent huge earthquake, the extensive tsunami waves and the explosion at a nuclear plant have simultaneously occurred in nearby regions, these simple canons which had not been intended to give any expression seem rather suitable to express regret.

à l’octave en ut majeur
à la quarte en ut majeur
à l’unisson par mouvement contraire en ut majeur
à l’octave en la mineur
à la quinte en la mineur
par mouvement contraire en la mineur

music.png Music of e-book with complete audio file