‘Naissances’ pour orchestre de flûtes (2007)

In Program Notes on May 2, 2010 at 2:36 pm

Flute is an instrument which produces no harmonic overtone.
For that purpose I attempted to build a huge sound-sculpture which varies its shape and color dynamically, applying only sine waves produced by the flute orchestra.

The beginning of this work represents the spiral of chaos, followed by a modal theme and variations based on a twelve-tone system.
The intermezzo consists of Japanese instruments’ idioms; e.g. shakuhachi, ryuteki.
Then an amorphous whirlwind opens the second half.

Duration: 10 min.


2 Piccolos I / 2 Piccolos II / 2 Piccolos III / 2 Piccolos IV
14 Flutes I / 14 Flutes II / 12 Flutes III / 12 Flutes IV / 12 Flutes V / 12 Flutes VI
8 Alto Flutes in G I / 8 Alto Flutes in G II / 8 Alto Flutes in G III / 7 Alto Flutes in G IV
8 Bass Flutes in C I / 7 Bass Flutes in C II
2 Bass Flutes in F I / 1 Bass Flute in F II
5 Contrabass Flutes I / 4 Contrabass Flutes II / 1 Double Contrabass Flute* (optional)

music.png Music of e-book with complete audio file


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