Bell’Arte Europa 2005

In Past Events on September 1, 2009 at 1:18 pm

1st International Composers Competition for Piano Works “Bell’Arte Europa” 2005 concluded
on the 9th June 2005 at Club Diario Levante, Calle Traginers, Valencia, Spain.

Works for solo Piano only (for one or two hands); use of electronic resources is not allowed.
Duration: 5 -12 min.
Prizes: 3000 euros and publication of the awarded work
KAWAI España Prize to the youngest composer between the four selected for the final round 1000 euros and publication

A total of 62 compositions participated in the competition.

Grand Prize: Christian Schmitz (Italy)– ‘Grand Jeu’
KAWAI España Prize: Spencer Hamilton Schedler (USA)– ‘Imaging’
1ª Mención de Honor: Satoru Ikeda (Japan)– ‘Planetarium’
2ª Mención de Honor: Voro García Fernández (Spain)– ‘Rauhnächte’
3ª Mención de Honor: Amabile Maria Manieri (Italy)– ‘Psyco’

performed by Brenno Ambrosini/ piano

  1. Hello! I interested. Do you have a competition in 2010 year. If have, when is the deadline? And when can I download the appl. forms.

  2. Thank You. You can also find many competitions on these websites.,

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