‘Planetarium’ for Wind Orchestra (2006)

In Program Notes on July 31, 2009 at 9:09 pm

My three works from the last several years; “Fireworks”, “Water Bubbling”, and “Planetarium”, were composed upon inspiration of the image of chaotically changing cluster sound. 

The cell in the oboe at the beginning of “Planetarium” triggers the tone system used throughout the whole piece.
The piece has two basic notes; sustained B flat and F sharp, which appear alternately and divide the piece into sections with two different moods.
In each section, the sound texture varies like kaleidoscope with lights and shadows.

This work is the 2nd version of “Planetarium”.
The first version was for the right hand on the piano, and was awarded the “1ª Mención de Honor” at the First International Composers Competition for Piano Work “Bell’Arte Europa” 2005 (Spain).
The second version for the wind orchestra was commissioned by Suigaku (JSCM), and was first performed by Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra.

The excerpt from the performance [3:00] mp3 Just a moment


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