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Handel_inspired [PRCD 894]

Handel-Inspired music by G F Handel, Played by Paul Ayres on Goetze&Gwynn’s ‘Handel House’ organ at St George’s Church Hanover Square

« Handel’s keyboard music »
Overture to Esther
Fugue in A minor
Voluntary in C major

« Arrangements of Handel’s instrumental music »
Minuet & Bourrée, from Music for the Royal Fireworks
Sinfonia from Solomon (“The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”)
Pieces for Musical Clock

« Handel-Inspired pieces from the nineteenth century »
Alexandre Guilmant – Paraphrase
Samuel Wesley – Variations on Gavot from Handel’s Ottone
William Wolstenholme – Introduction and Allegro, from Sonata for the Organ in the style of Handel

« Handel-Inspired pieces from the twenty-first century »
Paul Ayres, after Handel – The Departure of the Queen of Sheba
John Ellis – Overture and Gigue, from Handel-Inspired Suite
John Hawkins – Footnote
Satoru Ikeda – Water Bubbling
Krzysztof Aleksander Janczak – Le Tombeau d’Handel
Jos Martens – Little Prelude
Thomas Neal – Lednah Loblied
Akmal Parwez – In Handel’s Name
Alan Smith – Scherzo on “Gopsal”

Ayres is outstanding as composer, arranger, editor and skilful player. . . this CD is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable and original recordings I’ve heard. (The Gramophone, May 2008)


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