“Tsuki” for baritone and piano (2004)

In Text on May 31, 2009 at 2:46 am

In the direction of dusk, an arrow is released!

Following this introduction, the poem describes a wanderer who is seeking and eventually finds his star transformed into a stone at the edge of a desolate field.
In a deep mournful silence, the miserable wind blows, and he encounters an amass of dead trees arching over the beasts’ tombs.
The seasons passed, the heart only growing more fragile with each coming day.
Old farmers couldn’t reap bounteous harvests.

At night! In a shroud of darkness, an arrow is released again!

The second half beginning with this scene brings out his unforeseen fear demanding:
What’s the existence of the sky?
His vacant stare was forced to be dazzled by an acute pit in the universe, which was the moon (tsuki), like a bottomless abyss, blank, audacious…

Repeating the opening scene, cloaked by a comfortably fresh winter mist, he goes forward to seek his star once again.
And finally, he reaches the conclusion that no one shall pick up the star after all.

Original text in Japanese: Hanya KUBOTA (1926-2003)

moon music.png Music of e-book with complete audio file

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