Fireworks (2003)

In Program Notes on March 4, 2009 at 5:19 pm

One night I had a wonderful dream; I heard scattered skipping movements played by a chamber orchestra tutti.
The sounds of the brass in particular outshone the others like a fireworks display against the night sky.
I felt as if I were in the middle of the countless jewel-like stars in the majesty of the heavens, and I was immensely inspired by my vision.

When I was searching for a title to give my work, I found figurative meanings for “fireworks”. i.e. the display of wit, passion, passionate performance, etc.
Realising that these actually corresponded to my intentions for the work, I titled it “Fireworks”.

It calls for a string quartet, two separate wind quintets (wood and brass), a piano, an accordion and percussion instruments.
Making the most of the peculiar feature of each instrument, I tried to depict not only the images of fireworks, but also the sky studded with stars and the darkness of night all around, following the evolution of musical emotion.

The two months (Nov.- Dec. in 2003) I spent on this work was a really delightful period for me; I simply enjoyed myself as if in a dream.

Fireworks The excerpt from the performance [1:03] mp3 Just a moment

Satoru IKEDA dreamed his Fireworks, rather as Stravinsky had his Octet.


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