A Brief Introduction to ‘Te lucis ante’ (2008)

In Program Notes on February 3, 2009 at 4:54 pm

My idea for contemporary sacred choir was a piece with universal perspective, which does not identify a place, a person, or a religion.
For this image, I excluded descriptions of the Hell, longing for Beatrice, specific names, religious dialogues from the text.
From The Divine Comedy, I finally chose the beginning of the Canto VIII of The Purgatorio, which has a good dramatic momentum towards the purification, and in a way, summarize whole book.
The introduction describes mourning at dusk, with the sound of the bell afar.           In the following section, one person begins prayers, the silence is gradually filled, as numbers of people join and the prayer develops into the Hymn ‘Te lucis ante’. The music gradually expands.
In the last section, two angels appear and descend in a dazzling light.


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