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In Biography on December 15, 2008 at 10:50 am

1961 Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka prefecture
1983 B.E. degree in Music Education from Shizuoka University
         Studied composition under Hiroshi Otsuki
1987 M.M. degree in Composition from Tokyo University of the Arts
         Studied composition under Shin Sato
Present: Musical Director at Shimamura Music Co.,Ltd.
    A member of Japan Society for Contemporary Music

Awards and Distinctions

In Biography on December 15, 2008 at 10:00 am

1988 The Music Competition of Japan: First Prize
2000 Japan Symphony Promotion Foundation Award
2001 The Orchestral Song Composition Competition: Prize for outstanding work
2004 International Composition Prize Luxembourg 2004: Third Prize, and The Orchestra Award
Sogakudo Japanese Lied Competition: First Prize
2005 First International Composers Competition for Piano Works “Bell’Arte Europa 2005”
Kendo Music Composition Competition for the EXPO Kendo events
Exhibition of Contemporary Music 2007 “Works for Brass IV”
2007 ‘Handel-Inspired’ Chamber Organ Composition Competition
2008 Flute Orchestra Composition Competition by Japan Flutists Association
Shakuhachi Chamber Music International Prize 2008: Third Prize
2012 The British Harpsichord Society “Tenth Anniversary Composition Competition”: Short-listed
2017 Sydney International Composers Concert 2017
2018 ISCM World New Music Days 2018 in Beijing
46th Pan Music Festival 2018 (ISCM South Korean Section)
ALFRED SCHNITTKE | International Composers’ Competition 2018 – 3rd Edition: Third Prize
SACRARIUM | Sacred music in our time | International Composers’ Competition 2018 – 5th Edition: Short-listed
2019 100-note Toy Piano Project
Musica Prospettiva 2019-20 – International Call for Scores: 1° Prize EX-AEQUO
2020 THREE MINUTES work for flute, cello and piano Project (4 works)

List of Principal Compositions

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1979-86 Numbers of multi-track recording works for synthesizer
1983 Piano Sonata B-flat major
   N contre S, for brass, percussion and tape
   Booklet, for orchestra
1984 Isolement, pour instruments à vent
   “Jojoh no Zensen” for mezzo-soprano and piano
   Résonance, pour flûte et piano
1985 Fonction, pour orchestre
   Präludium und Fuge über den Namen BACH, für Flöte, Violoncell und Klavier
   Variations pour 5 exécutants
1986 Serenade, for flute and string quartet
   -unperformed- White Man, for piano and orchestra
1987 Variations for flute and piano
   Fantasia, for piano (4 hands)
1988 Piano Concerto
1989 “Kaya no Kiyama (Wood Of Japanese Torreya Nucifera Trees)” for soprano and piano
   Métamorphose de “Air sur la corde de sol” de Bach, pour piano
   “Kizuta”, “Parodie- Le Pont Mirabeau”: 2 Songs for baritone, flute, harp, guitar and percussion
   Composition for 9 players
1990 Sonata for violoncello solo
   “Akatombo”, “Nogiku”, “Midori no Soyokaze”, “Furusato”: arrangement for orchestra and chorus
1992 “The Story of a Salesman” Opera for soprano, baritone and piano
1996 « L’Eau de Belle Forêt » Operetta
1999 Orchestral Offering
2000 Le Tombeau de J.S.Bach, pour piano
2001 “Yashaga-Ike” orchestral lied for soprano, baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra
   -unperformed- fragments of an opera
2002 Diferencias, for violin solo
   -unperformed- Diferencias, for violin and orchestra
   Mirage, for viola and piano
2003 -unperformed- Night Light, for wind orchestra
   -unperformed- The Salutation, for chamber choir, accordion, tuba and harp
   Fireworks, for chamber orchestra
2004 “Tsuki” for baritone and piano
   -unperformed- Ryujin, for Japanese instruments
2005 Planetarium, for piano (right hand)
   Pavane pour une joueuse de kendo: for Japanese instruments
2006 -unperformed- Naissances, pour orchestre d’harmonie
   -unperformed- Leningrad, for piano
   Planetarium, for wind orchestra
   Water Bubbling, for chamber organ
2007 -unperformed- Encounter-point, for five percussion players
   -unperformed- Planetarium, for string quartet
   Naissances, pour orchestre de flûtes
2008 Ki-e, for shakuhachi, guitar, violin, viola and cello
   -unperformed- Streamline, for wind orchestra
   -unperformed- Fireworks II, for nine performers with amplification
   “Te lucis ante” for children’s choir and piano
   -unperformed- Amorphony, for celesta and orchestra
2009 -unperformed- Fireworks II, for wind orchestra
   -unperformed- “Ho-ichi” for mixed chorus and orchestra
2010 -unperformed- In Blossom, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
   -unperformed- L’Horizon Chimerique, for string orchestra of 14 performers
   -unperformed- L’Horizon Chimerique, for orchestra
   Six Canons
   -unperformed- Jazzy Quintette, for saxophone alto, trumpet, piano, drum set and contrabass
   -unperformed- Firetrain, for wind orchestra
   Nocturne de Chopin, pour piano à six mains
2011 -unperformed- Suite for trombone solo
   -unperformed- for seven trombones
   Invention C dur
   -unperformed- Psalm, for trumpet and string quartet
   -unperformed- Quintette de Cuivres
   Psaume, pour saxophone alto et piano
   -unperformed- Psaume, pour trompette et orchestre
2012 Two Pieces for Satomi, for piano
   -unperformed- « Nox » pour chœur mixte et piano
   Solitude, pour flûte basse et piano
   Prism, for harpsichord
   -unperformed- Psaume, pour orchestre
2013 -unperformed- Ave, pour sextuor à cordes
   The Salutation, pour flute alto seule
   -unperformed- Piano Sonata
   -unperformed- le Feu, l’Eau, pour 23 instruments à vent
   Brown Brownian Motion, for guitar and marimba
2014 Breeze in A, for bass flute, vibraphone, violin, viola and cello
   -unperformed- Brown Brownian Motion, for marimba and orchestra
   -unperformed- Tombeau, for wind ensemble
2015 -unperformed- DNA, for violin solo
   Möbius Loop, for vibraphone solo
   -unperformed- Parents, for violin, violoncello and piano
2016 -unperformed- Imprisonment, for string quartet
   Trente pièces pour piano pour jeunes enfants
2017 Imprisonment, for 15 players
   Water Cycle (Cycle de l’eau), pour orchestre
   HATAORI, for string orchestra
   -unperformed- Breeze in G, for viola, bassoon, 2 trombones, timpani and harp
   Imprisonment, for 13 players
2018 -unperformed- Alleluia: Oportebat, for clarinet, flugelhorn and piano
   Superstring Theory, for two pianos
   Superstring Theory, for piano, vibraphone, marimba and string ensemble
   Synapse, for piano
2019  “Daffodil”, “Villanelle”*: 2 Songs for voice and piano / *voice, cello and vibraphone
   -unperformed- Dialysis, for piano
   -unperformed- SAKURA, for wind orchestra
   Who Rings, for the 100-note Toy Piano Project
   -unperformed- “Solitude – l’Azur”, “do. – Mère”, “do. – Père”, “Breeze in C”: pour flûte basse, violoncelle et piano
2020 -unperformed- Ave, for string orchestra
   -unperformed- Dicotyledon, for two violins and cello
   -unperformed- Who Rings, for glockenspiel, vibraphone, celesta and strings
2021 -unperformed- Nodes, for cello and piano