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            (for my daughter’s first birthday)

            He places me upon his knee,
            A princess on my pearly throne.
            I am my father’s face of glee;

            I am his heart sung joyfully.
            With ribbons red and golden bows,
            He places me upon his knee

            And holds me as he merrily
            Makes wish and on my candle blows.
            I am my father’s face of glee;

            I am his love shone graciously.
            As ever did a daughter know,
            He places me upon his knee,

            And blesses me, his living tree,
            As I to him am gift bestowed.
            I am my father’s face of glee

            Shone out for all eternity;
            For even when my sorrows grow,
            He places me upon his knee

            Where joy dispels but endlessly
            As light upon the shadowed soul.
            He places me upon his knee;
            I am my father’s face of glee.
                       —Darcy Blahut

The live recording of the performance by DUOroboros: Dagmar Bathmann, cello and voice / Omar Cecchi, vibraphone [4:15] mp3

‘Synapse’ for piano (eBook-music)

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In the nervous system, a synapse is a structure that permits a neuron (or nerve cell) to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron or to the target effector cell (Wikipedia).
The main subject of my work “Synapse” is “explosive octaves”. The beginning expresses a raw ore, so to speak. Then an eruption of repeated notes. Its fragments act as a gigantic precursor and signal…. And sobbing transfiguration follows. From the resulting whirlwind, a melody emerges.

This eBook is now available (complete audio file attached): studio recording by Edward Cohen, pf.
If you would like to make a purchase, be aware that the site is only in Japanese.
→ translation guide

‘Synapse’ for piano (2018) via YouTube

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Satoru Ikeda “Synapse” / Edward Cohen, piano